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Though up to the 16th century little boys would sing the soprano parts, the Baroque fashion with its intricate and flamboyant designs had a toll in music as well.

Melodic lines became too hard for boys to sing and therefore falsettists were called in to take on their place.

Harmonics are, basically, secondary multiple frequencies of the primary frequency the air vibrates at when we produce sound.

So, if the air vibrates at 261.6 Hz when you sing the middle C, the second harmonic vibrates at 523.2 Hz, the third harmonic vibrates at 784.8 Hz, etc.

Well guys, I’m sorry to say that more than 98% of the times the answer is going to be “no.” But read on to learn why and determine whether you’re part of that 1-2% who gets a “yes.” Due to the popularity of falsetto singing in pop, musical theater, and gospel music, many singers have realized how to sing in falsetto and are confused as to which voice type category they belong to.

Traditionally, the range of a countertenor extends one octave above tenor range, so the octave starting with C5, with some extreme countertenors being able to sing in the C6 octave.

Believe it or not, most people who utilize falsetto because they can’t reach high notes in their full voice, are not countertenors, not even tenors, but actually baritones. As a quick side note at this point, I want to note that women, too, can sing in a less developed falsetto, but most of the time they don’t have a use for it.

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Though it might seem that falsetto is easier to sing because you need less air to produce sound than with full voice singing, it’s actually more strenuous and fatigue can come about really fast.Falsettist is somebody who utilizes, usually, only falsetto in his singing.So again, Adam Levine and Chris Martin are falsettists, not countertenors.In normal, full singing, your entire vocal folds vibrate, with the elastic mucous membrane billowing as air passes through, and opening and closing with each vibration.If you’re not squeamish, take a look at this high speed Youtube video of vocal folds vibrating.

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